THE HU live at the Mongolian Embassy

It’s not often that one gets invited to the Mongolian Embassy on a Monday night. It’s extremely rare to be asked to interview a Mongolian band by the name of THE HU and meet the ambassador of Mongolia too!

Outside Organisation approached us and we couldn’t resist the opportunity. Firstly we were greeted with huge smiles by the first secretary to the ambassador Mr Batbold who made us feel extremely welcome. Secondly, we were also privileged to meet their producer and collaborating song writer Dashdondog. Bayarmagnai.

Emma from Outside Organisation was a brilliant host and again made us all feel very welcome. So who are THE HU? Lets begin with Galbadrakh Tsendbaatar -vocals. throat singing, Morin Khuur (horse fiddle), Enkhsaikhan Batjargal – throat singing Morin Khuur, Temuulen Naranbaater – Tovshuur (Lute) and Nyamjanstan Galsanjamts – Tumur Khuur (horse fiddle), Tsuur (flute) and throat singing.

Alan Edwards and the Mongolian Ambassador

Throat singing goes way back and basically is a pitch with one or more pitches over that simultaneously. It is used by male herders. Because Mongolia has such a large landscape, the singing can travel very far. All members of the band were brought up in nomadic tribes and this form of singing would come very natural to them as a musical tool for spiritual communication.

All of their instruments are influenced from original and very ancient designs. Each one is like a piece of art. They have been designed to be used through an amplifier and bellow out beautiful sounds. THE HU are very inspired by Metal and rock and roll but have cleverly adapted lyrics that have a historically tribal aspect. Deep riffs and bass throat singing bring something very different and unique to the listeners ear.

We were treated to an acoustic version of “YUVE YUVE YU” which was truly amazing especially in the setting of the Mongolian Embassy. They look great head to toe in Mongolian leather and striking hair. Their official video for “YUVE YUVE YU” is phenomenal. There are slight hints of revved folk with the horse fiddles and the tribal drum bangs perfectly. They travelled for days and sometimes on horseback to get to the video location and quite honestly from seeing these landscapes and the band I want to visit Mongolia!

Alan Edwards gave us a great introduction to THE HU and clearly showed his passion and excitement that Outside Organisation are involved with their introduction to the western world of music – Mongolia and Britain here we come! The Ambassador was a really cool dude. In the ambassadors speech he showed how supportive he was with the bands future in London and the UK. To end our wonderful evening the embassy fed and watered us with Mongolian delicacies and traditional Vodka…..yum.

You can catch them tomorrow night at UNDERWORLD in Camden at 7pm. Want to see something different and mind blowing? Check out THE HU.

Words Celine Hispiche

Photos Jeff Moh

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