One Eyed Wayne ‘Saucy Postcards Super Creeps’

Last year we were super privileged to see the release of One Eyed Wayne’s ‘Attack of The Luxury Flats’ along with a jaw dropping gig at The Water Rats. A fine heads-up to the never ending re-gentrification of London and other major cities across the UK. Fantastic tracks from this album include ‘Tear Up’, ‘A Little Grey Matter’ and ‘Shakey Shakey’.

And if that isn’t enough to wet the ole palette they have been under the magical wing of Optic Nerve Recordings a label who never fail to produce exciting albums with both new and established bands. Their new album ‘Saucy Postcards Super Creeps’ is a goody bag of brilliance. This album for me is a concoction of melodic story telling and strumming speedy sounds. I love the revving tones of ‘Piece of This Romance’. ‘Spanish Lounge’ is quirky and ‘Waste of a Day’ is a favourite. This four piece indie punk tribe includes Don Adams bass bv, Steve Donoghue guitar vox keys, Pat Joslin guitar keys bv and Dean Leggett drums perc bv. The whole album exudes sharp and tight rhythms that are neatly entwined within a catchy flowing indie beat. Each track has been carefully mastered to encapsulate their distinctive sound. A perfect springboard to accelerate fiery and diverse lyrics with a splash of wit to keep you listening – and smiling.

It was great to have a quick catch up with Steve and Dean over a pint before their Portobello Radio interview. It’s comes as no surprise that One Eyed Wayne evolved from friends meeting down at the pub. With early jamming sessions this band has seen several line-ups over the years and now they feel they are fully consolidated. The band first started off quite folky with mandolins and smaller instruments, instruments you could just pick up and take to a gig instead of humping lots of heavy equipment around. Punk Rock is their overall influence. They all have a similar taste in music from ACDC to Test Tube Babies so on the whole it was a coming together of musically like minded people. I popped the question to them about preferring smaller gigs to larger gigs and they both agreed they enjoy playing to people they don’t always know as you’ve got nothing to loose and the energy is more spontaneous. There’s always a pressure value when you have a familiar audience watching you. They are excited to inform me that they are going on tour with The Wedding Present in October and a nods up to a festival at the 100 club in the autumn. One Eyed Wayne are Clare Lynch’s guests on Soho Radio at 9am on Thursday 9th of May oh and if you’re in the Hastings area you can catch them that night (9th) at The Albion.

Words Celine Hispiche

Photo’s Jeff Moh

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