“PUT IT IN THE CAR, CYNTHIA!” Barons Court Theatre

The Baron’s Court Theatre is a minutes walk from Baron’s Court Underground and is neatly tucked away in Comeragh Road. As you wander from the bar downstairs, you are greeted by a small and cosy theatre that seats around sixty and is the perfect setting for tonight’s production of “PUT IT IN THE CAR, CYNTHIA”.

This clever script delves into the naughty and comical side of Queen Mary’s kleptomaniac tendencies. It also gives us a potted and detailed insight into this eccentric queen’s reign after the death of Edward V11 in 1910.

Manager of the Baron’s Court Theatre – Lewis Spencer bounces onto the stage informing us there is a problem with the cast and the show will have to be cancelled but hooray, just as the house lights go up, the phone rings and the show must go on!

Lady Cynthia de Ville – Joel Walker sashays onto the stage very prim and proper wearing a charlston style dress, elegant bob and diamonds and for me, has been perfectly casted as the tongue in cheek lady in waiting.

Queen Mary of Teck – Dominic Charman flawlessly glides on to the stage clad in white lace, fur and pearls and as she claims later her Norman Hartnell hat. Exuding grandeur and grace and telling us Teck is not a place but a state of mind.

Beware as the queen may want your valuables to valuate. A blonde – Lewis Spencer scampers onto the stage with her attache case and upon the queens demand, summons her to open it and reveal the contents. To her majesties delight a fine porcelain coffee set and as Cynthia points out this could be her saving grace from stealing coffee cups in Starbucks.

Whilst elegantly threading through her life we hear of hunting stories in India, German roots, bugatti’s and tricycles, Wallis Simpson and the explosive stories of love, duty and death. Cynthia is also a lady of distinction who was taught to dance the ‘Shanghai Clutch’ by Isadora Duncan.

Throughout the show the queen spots items of value within the audience so ladies be warned no tiara’s or blue diamonds this mucker will have em!

Dominic and Joel are the perfect double act and are the driving force throughout this well staged production. Their delivery is spot on and its hard to take your eyes off either of them. Both characters have been mastered to the highest level and it is an absolute delight to experience the magic they create on stage.

Lewis Spencer brings his acting skills to the forefront and proves his versatility as a character actor. In my opinion this is an all round well directed production that needs to go up to the Edinburgh fringe. You know when somethings good when everybody in the audience is beaming and the theatre is filled with rapturous applause. All thats left to say is this show is a must and catch it before it ends!

Show times Wed 13, Thurs 14, Fri 15, Sat 16 7.45pm Final show Sun 6pm

Tickets on the door £15

To book over phone 0208 932 4747

Words Celine Hispiche

Photo’s Garry Salter

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