The Cosmics at The Social

It was really worth braving the chilly streets of the West End to go and check out a fine young band from Birmingham ‘The Cosmic’s. It seemed other people were on the same wave length too as we entered into a crowded bubble of heat. This musical trio are moving at a rate that is hard to keep up with and their definitely on my new years list of ‘bands to watch out for’.

Erin is the ‘punkerbell’ of the band and quite frankly can blow the crowd away with a flick of a finger. Adorning a White beret and strutting her stuff in a pvc mini skirt, this lady can stretch her voice and bass guitar to the ultimate heights. The talented twins are Connor and his ‘in yer face’ lead guitar. Danny and his individual style rev’s up this fireball band. Oops l forgot to mention Erin is their cousin so it obvious talent runs through this family all right!

These punkster’s give us a souring energy that reveal a spontaneous edge to their music. Slick bopping rhythms that fly out naturally this band are totally unfazed. Conner showed no sign of awkwardness when his guitar string snapped and carried on without a care. A lovely bloke came to the rescue and lent Conner his rainbow strapped guitar – hats off to you mate!

So this upbeat psychedelic punk outrageousness is blowing all of their audiences away and hooray they are about to release an EP in April. They will also be appearing at The Shackwell Arms on the 31st January. No need for winter blues when The Cosmics are in town!

Words Celine Hispiche

Images Jeff Moh

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