Anni Hogan’s Exciting New Track ‘Blue Contempt’ Featuring The Ultimate Lydia Lunch

There’s something bubbling away on the music scene at the moment and this talented lady is no stranger to original and exciting  alternative music.  Anni Hogan (who’s credits include key collaborations with Marc Almond – Marc and The Mamba’s, The Willing Sinners and La Magia) has released a new track  ‘Blue Contempt’ featuring the sublime Lydia Lunch.  If that isn’t enough to wet your palette Anni’s whole solo album ‘Lost In Blue’ will be released in March 2019 through Cold Spring Records and  has been beautifully produced by Dave Ball (Soft Cell) and Riccardo Mulhall.

There is an exquisite delicacy as soon as the track opens.  Anni’s magic touch has produced a stunning and equally edgy piece of music.   ‘Blue Contempt’ elevates the listener to the highest level and allows us to hear what a talented composer and pianist Anni Hogan truly is.

Lydia Lunch is a force of nature not to be reckoned with!  It comes as no surprise that she was named as one of the top ten influential performers of the 1990’s who’s credits include Steve Severin.  Sonic Youth, Cypress Grove, Marc Almond – to name but a few!  I love her rawness and attitude and in the mesmerising and evocative video directed by Jasmine Hirst, this really comes to the forefront.  Lydia’s voice lures you seductively into a whirlwind of heartfelt lyrics and moving melodies.  You know its good when its permanently embedded in your head and jumps out when you least expect it.  That for me is a sure indication that ‘Blue Contempt’ is a fine and unique piece of work.  If this is just a taster I want more!

And to close this piece there’s even more excitement….. 

Other featured guest artists include Wolfgang Flur (ex Kraftwerk), Gavin Friday (Virgin Prunes), Kid Congo (Gun Club, Cramps, Bad Seeds), Richard Strange (Doctors of Madness).  “Lost In Blue’ is a big must for all of these artists fans and the curious.  A well deserved congratulations to Anni Hogan and to all of the featured artists on this album.  Roll on March 2019!

Words   Celine Hispiche

Featured Photograph –  Peter Ashworth

Photo –  Bridget

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