Erja Lyytinen at The Borderline

With the culling of live venues in central London The Borderline has survived and is still considered a respected and successful music establishment that began its creative life in 1976.  It was also the perfect setting for three very individual bands.

First up to share their creative wares were The Bourbon Street Revival.  Husky lead vocals with attitude held together with a fierce and feisty gang of musicians.  Fantastic guitar solo’s steeped with stunning bass, upright bass, keyboards and a horn section to die for this band certainly got the crowd moving my favourite song was ‘Killing Time’.


Next up was my favourite band of the evening Jimmy Royal and The Regals.  A foot stomping can’t keep your eyes off triumphantly talented trio.  Joff Watkins is a flawlessly brilliant harmonica player and front man and along with his partners in crime Corin on guitar and Sammy on drums this South London lot know how to blow an audience away.  Hard and clever blues with slithers of rock n roll every song rang out to a thirsty and appreciative audience.


Our headliner was the stunning Erja Lyttinen.  A black satin and velvet rock chick exuding attitude and in yer face confidence.  Punching out rock n roll  that gently swirls around pop and blues.  Finnish Erja knows how to work the room and along with her excellent guitar solo’s and super sharp band they blasted out some exceptional music.  The Borderline is still a fine venue – please stay!



Words     Celine Hispiche

Photo’s    Jeff Moh

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