This Feeling Present’s ‘Alive Tour’

This Feeling just keeps on going from strength to strength and it comes as no surprise Mikey Jonns has nailed it yet again with his ‘Alive Tour’ featuring a great line up that will be touring all over the UK.

Talking of nailing it I’ve been trying to nail down Mikey Jonns for an interview for many months.  So, on their official press day at the Monarch in Camden, I knew this was my chance to grab this gem and pin him down to spill the beans…


So where did it all begin?  Mikey goes on to tell me “I managed a band at university twenty years ago now called Little Ze it was around the same time as the new scene of the Arctic Monkeys.  I was going out and seeing other bands at different indie clubs in and around Sheffield.  When I came back to London all the clubs had closed down places like the Astoria/Astoria 2 and Metro’s. Somebody asked me about 13 years ago do you wanna do a night down here and I’d been thinking about it for quite a while a lot of the places weren’t as good as they should be and I wanted to put on a night that I thought they should be like and how I wanted them and that’s exactly what I did.  It started off as a night for friends, you know school mates, friends from Sheffield the Kasabian boys came down too.  My first night was once a month in a basement in Moorgate for two years and then someone said do you want to do Manchester and I went “Yeah OK”! That was hard because obviously I’m not from Manchester. I wanted the same specialness and we pulled it off and made it a huge success and then we did Glasgow.  We pulled in everybody we knew and built a clubbing community”.

Mikey agreed it was then a huge snowball effect for him and of course the best PR is word of mouth.  It also shows his willingness of taking risks and reaping the rewards from going in at the deep end.  From creating This Feeling he has taken it upon himself to nurture bands that put the graft in and are passionate about their work.  It seems they all end up becoming good friends via the events that Mickey puts on whether it be venues or festivals.  Mikey feels more responsibility for helping these bands.  He knows how tough the business is.  So five years ago Mikey bumped into the Isle of Wight Festival’s John Giddings. That one meeting enabled This Feeling to have their own stage.  Jack Daniels bought into it and the bands were there – a perfect offering for a brilliant package that was literally written out on the back of a fag packet!  Mikey Jonns is at the forefront of promoting and discovering cutting edge music.  For me it is so refreshing to meet someone who is genuinely out to help bands that deserve a platform and enable more opportunities for them.  A giant powerful leap in today’s competitive and cut throat music industry.  Keep at it mate your onto a winner!

TRAMPOLENE are three cheeky chappies from Wales and I have to say catching up with them was very difficult as I couldn’t stop laughing – buggers!  Lead singer and seems lead of all things is Jack Jones aka Lord Kaner. Wayne’s on bass and Rob’s on drums.  They’re all from Swansea.  They say they met in the uterus of the universe – fair play this is going to be a profound one.  They claim to be from a cosmic planet and yes the spaceship threw them off.  Being in a band they say they need group therapy.  It’s hard to get a serious answer out of this lot!  They have been together a few years now.  And have recently got back from Japan.  They moved to London – Hornsey to be precise.  They claim to be the yummy bummies.  They’ve supported Carl Barat from Libertines at the Scala. Rock n roll, spoken word and improv are the driving force behind Trampolene as well as indie music.  From gigging all round Europe they are really excited to be part of  the UK  ‘Alive Tour’.  They are glad to be back home and are totally ready to rock it!


LACUNA BLOOME formally known as the ‘Psychedelic Monks’  they all come to a compromise with Lacuna Bloome.  They all smile and say it means what you want it to mean and yes I’ll go with that.  Nile is lead singer and guitarist, Sam plays guitar, Noah plays drums and Molly’s on bass.  They all met at The Brighton Centre behind the jump and it wasn’t long before they were jumping around in their own band.  They are a warm and lively bunch and are all studying music in Brighton and are quick to point out they love their Uni.  Having famous guest musicians coming into to give them top advice on the industry they feel they are learning to become savvy and understand the nitty-gritty of how it works.  Souring indie guitar music is their key sound along with Noah’s stomping drums and Molly’s solid bass.  A fresh new band that are heading for exciting things.  They are still pinching themselves at the magic of being part of this tour.


THE SURRENDERS are back and I love em.  We did a big piece on them a few months ago where they had a sellout show at the Dublin Castle.  It seems this band has really come up many steps and have taken their music to a different dimension.  They were quite honest in saying their tired of being pigeonholed and want to create their own unique sound.  They have a new single out ‘Maybe there’ll blood’ inspired by the uncertainty of modern suburban England.  There is the big ‘B’ word coming up as in Brexit and who knows what is going to happen.  They are artists who are very strong on commenting on their social environments and the impact is has on them and their creativity.  In a subtle way they convey a message that has an edgy undercurrent which leaves you thinking and understanding where they are coming from. Its their point of view and rightly so.  The Surrenders will blow every venue on this tour away.  Go on boys show em what your made of!


Without further ado Mikey added a fun touch by hiring an old route master and driving/kidnapping us all from Camden Town to The Boogaloo in Highgate.  Mikey and Jeff Moh have known each other for a long time as friends and it seemed Jeff ‘s name “moh,moh, moh moh, moh, moh there’s no limits” was the instigator for comical sing along’s and tins of Red Strip flowing – the party had only just begun…..



DSC_0602 - Copy - Copy.JPG

We were greeted by Mickey Beans who’s radio show Beans on Boogaloo was ready and waiting in anticipation for all three bands to do a live set.  After several shots and more beer each band went in and did their chosen number while us motley crew were peeled up against the studio window peering in!!

DSC_0671 (1)

DSC_0699It was a great surprise to bump into the super talented Nic Cester from the Australian rock band JET.

DSC_0379 (1).JPG

What a brilliant day and I have to say one of the best press launches I’ve ever been on.  Thank you to This Feeling and especially Mikey Jonns and watch out the ALIVE TOUR is about to kick off!

Words    Celine Hispiche

Photo’s   Jeff Moh

Trampolene, The Surrenders, Lacuna Bloome plus the cream of the local scene…
20 Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach w/ The Pitchforks
22 Birmingham Hare & Hounds w/ Young Chasers
23 Sheffield The Record Junkee w/ The Seamonsters
24 Manchester Night People w/ King Kartel
27 Brighton The Green Door Store w/ King Kuda
28 London Dingwalls w/ Cavalcade
29 Leeds Brudenell Social Club w/ Bad Bug
30 Glasgow Cat House w/ The Good Arms
01 Newcastle Head of Steam w/ The Yada Yada Yadas

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