Century Club Paradise London Live

It seems the Century Club lures me back again and this super cool private members club is playing host to some seriously bright young things/fresh musicians!

The brains behind this showcase is Lorraine Solomons.  This woman is at the fore front of discovering delectable talent.  As a professional music promoter in her own right, Lorraine has been in the business long enough to know exactly where it’s at and who’s doing it.

In a semi cabaret style setting under ornate Manhattan style tin ceiling tiles this perfectly square venue has the perfect acoustics.  It’s always an added bonus when you have a top-notch sound engineer who knows what their doing – big shout out to Jake well done sir!

First up was Louis Dunford an Islington young man with a husky voice that grabs you immediately.  Accompanying himself with flawless guitar, his vocals and lyrics are edgy and brutally honest. Openly talking about Ketamine experiences and just say “NAY” (I guess the horse pun was intended) we are taken on a frank and comical journey of Louis’s life.


‘Boss Man’ was brilliant and had me smiling along with the rest of the appreciative audience. This song is based on a toilet attendant from his local bar.  I was transported back to my clubbing/raving days lolly pops, chewing gum, perfume, aftershave and paper towels.

We were then privileged to listen to the ‘Ballad of Ben’ a song in memory of Louis’s close friend Ben Kinsella.  Ten years ago sixteen year old Ben was fatally stabbed in Islington.  It was truly beautiful and a moving tribute which was sung exquisitely.  Louis is on the ladder to success and I cant wait to watch him climb to the top you deserve it 100%!

Spot on duo ‘Bloom’ were absolutely mesmorising.  Angelic vocals, elegantly intoxicating with dreamy guitars.  Sign of the times lyrics which brought to our attention serious matters and reminders of the Paris attacks.  With a wonderful edge of indie and blues they stood out in their own right and have stamped their own sound and style. Every song made my ears prick up especially ‘Kite’.

DSC_0355 (1)

The headlining act for the evening was Lisa Marini.  This stunner is a natural and she is joined by a kick ass band.  When I say they kick out the tunes hell yeah they certainly do.  Seductive upright bass, swift drums, warm bass guitar, intelligent lyrics entwined with pure confidence.

DSC_0490 (1)

Excelling the audience to amazing heights, they have mastered the art of live performance.  You could see everybody was clearly enjoying the whole experience.  They are the kind of band you’d want at every outdoor festival in the summer.  The whole band knows how to work it.  There was definitely a touch of Nick Drake in there which I loved.

DSC_0575 - Copy

Lisa played the 1970’s Harmony H22 like it was made for her.  Great songs that stuck out were ‘Summoned’ and ‘Crooked Circle’.  The band is currently working on an album which will be released very soon.  I cant wait to check it out.

Here’s to more of Lorraine Solomon’s music events.  She has smashed it with her impeccable choice of artists.



Words   Celine Hispiche

Photo’s  Jeff Moh




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