Meeting Bromide at Camden Assembly

This piece has been waiting to go up for quite a while but hooray I am back at the Rizer writing desk and raring to go!  Let me introduce you to Bromide.

So how would one describe Bromide?  Museum indie rock that is tuneful and loud! Simon tells me he is described as a singer song writer with a very powerful band.  Hugo’s on bass and Ed’s on drums.  Ed and Hugo also contribute to their song writing making this a talented trio.  It comes as no surprise that they have been described as a ‘Neil Young with Husker Du’ or ‘Elvis Costello with Dinosaur Junior’.


Bromide come from the tail end of the original indie scene and you can clearly hear that in their music.  So Simon put an ad in NME and along came Ed.  Hugo joined after performing an acoustic gig and mutual friend George/aka Nigel (Gay Dad)  introduced Hugo to Simon.


So what inspires this power house of  excitement? They tell me they listen to all kinds of music and study chords and delve into their wordsmith abilities.  They are all inspired by each others work.  Ed and Hugo are very much into noisy music pushing towards things that are angular and very loud.  Simon adds the tension to the classic song driven approach which adds the spring-board for Ed and Hugo to push it even further.


They are all quite adamant in informing me their noise levels have crept up quite rapidly – does this mean they could turn Heavy Metal?  I love their sense of humour!  They are a tight force and share a massive passion for their music and rightly so.  They have just brought out a second album that has been produced by Brian O’Shaughnessy (Primal Scream).  Brian has been very instrumental in getting them to work together and creating a fantastic album.  The album has gone out on Simons label ‘Scratchy Records’.


Their whole set at Camden Assembly was sublime, infectious and filled with gripping, loud, hardcore indie beats.  They know how to woo their audience and engulf the venue with an exciting electricity.

Catch them on the 1st December with Dirty Viv and another band TBC at Sister Midnight Records, 4 Tanners Hill, Deptford (free entrance) and also at Rough Trade with ‘Train Set’ in Nottingham  on the 22nd of November.  This is a band that works hard and plays hard.  This is the brilliant Bromide.


Words   Celine Hispiche

Images  Jeff Moh

webpage – twitter – soundcloud –






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