Thee Hypnotics at KOKO

Even in Camden Town I bump into another familiar Soho face (old school, Hoxton Square – Blue Note) that being the genius Eddie Pillar (we love you Mr Acid Jazz).  Eddie was wearing the most handsome Harrington Jacket and sporting his famous cheeky smile. I did try and nab it but he wasn’t having any of it!  I always feel slightly nostalgic coming to Koko.  I always remember this venue as a hardcore raver.  It’s another one of those old former music hall palaces that I love.  Thee Hypnotics were the perfect band to grace the stage of this legendary building and what a super show it was!  These thunderous bundles of talent are originally from High Wycombe.  Back in 1985 in a quiet suburban town there was something magnificent being cooked up.  This rock concoction conjured up a psychedelic hardness that makes you want to jump.  Jim Jones is the front man and he really knows how to hold and entice his hungry crowd.  A drooling exotic gravely voice that echoes so powerfully through the whole venue.  Caressing and shaking maracas in a star print shirt, this man is a natural performer.  Aside from other labels no wonder Beggars Banquet loved and still love them.DSC_0355

Ray Hanson is a guitar wizard.  The magic just comes right out of his fingers.  One of the highlights was Ray giving us a Dr John Night Trippers ritualistic guitar floor show. Jumping like a wild tiger with Merlin lightening forks digging out all over us he lept off the speakers. The best extravaganza was his snake skinned strapped guitar becoming like a rifle and blasting out explosive rifts all over the ecstatic audience.


Drummer Phil Smith was on top form and treated us to a whole set of bellowing and thumping drums.  His whole style is unique and powerful I was totally blown away.

DSC_0115 - CopyJeremy Cottingham plays bass in a naturally stunning and fierce way.  Hand feeding lovely thick rhythms this man knows his stuff and is an ultimate hardcore bassist.


Another brilliant surprise was Primal Scream’s Barrie Cadogan WOWWWWW!


Every song stood out for me from ‘Soul Trader’, ‘Heavy Liquid’ ‘All Night Long’ to ‘Revolution Stone’, ‘Shakedown’ and ‘Justice in Freedom’.  Flowing psychedelic rock this band have nailed their own unique sound.  I was really lucky to have a chat with Jim Jones and Ray Hanson after the show and here’s what they had to say…

I didn’t want the show to end and couldn’t believe how quick the time went by.  That just shows you how good they are.  No surprise they are selling tickets fast for their Camden Electric Ballroom show on the 29th November.  Better grab em quick and see you right at the front!


Words   Celine Hispiche

Photo’s  Jeff Moh




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