Witch Fever at The Lock Tavern

Witch Fever are an exciting young band who demand attention from the outset with songs which are raw and uncompromising and take the audience into new territories of noise, rhythm, and language.  Taking their cue from the attitude of Iggy Pop at his most furious imbued with the street poetics of fellow Mancunian poets like Mark E Smith, the lyrics are a parodic takedown of misogynistic stereotypes with tongue in cheek humour.


The singer Amy captivates the audience with her sardonic firebrand lyrics in which words operate at exciting conjunctions with music and performance to create a riotous live show. Her skill as a vocalist shines through allowing her to combine a raw vocal delivery with astonishing range, sustaining notes in a way that adds ferocity to the message like a rallying cry for change. There’s is a message of conviction and confidence throughout the set underpinned by Alisha’s guitar skills, using many textures and techniques that create an incredible rhythmic drive in conjunction to Annabelle’s thunderous battle rhythms.


Added to this is Alex on bass who lends a gritty dirty fuzz with top-of-the-beat steadiness to support Amy’s dynamics as a vocalist and adds the glue to their sound.  Throughout she contributes vocal harmonies and playful banter on stage with the rest of them.  At one point Alex goes into the audience following Amy’s cue and she returns to the stage lying down on her back with Amy looking humorously down at her bandmate, both of them having given it their all. They have an explosive energy on stage that is unpredictable and exciting to watch.  This added to the chemistry they have as a band is truly is infectious.


Witch Fever definitely connected with the crowd this evening putting on an undeniably memorable show. They are all talented songwriters, who are clearly adding an exciting energy to the live circuit.


Set List

Daddy pt.2

In Birth

Carpet Asphyxiation


Bully Boy




Writer   Davey Blade

Photo’s  Jeff Moh


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