Notting Hill Carnival 2018

The press party at The Tabernacle for this years Notting Hill Carnival was certainly a great taster in every sense and a real insight as to what to expect for this years celebration.  Thank you for the lovely food and drink tasters including Port Roval patties, Red Stripes and rum cocktails!  Carnival began in 1966 and has now become a major event for our city and the people who visit it.

The organizers for this year have been announced as Notting Hill Carnival Ltd.  Their key priorities are to make it safe and to give London the best carnival to date.  With even more involvement with the local community, local businesses, the arts and culture and education, we are guaranteed a weekend to remember and for future years to come.


Children play an even bigger key role by adding more to the Sunday Children’s Day.  This will bring more involvement with both children and families to enable more participation with music and other events.  This will also include workshops for children of all ages to attend.  Addressing and embracing local schools, is the firm marker to cultural awareness and bringing Notting Hill to the forefront.  Notting Hill Carnival Ltd stand firmly dedicated by strongly enhancing a child and family friendly environment.


The introduction of more stewards will play an integral part in keeping the flow and safety for an estimated 2 million attendees.  St John’s Ambulance will have an army of trained medical volunteers who ensure the safety and dedication that they are respected for.


So what can we expect?  Wonderful food stalls, chilled beers and rum cocktails, stilt walkers, children’s entertainment, steel bands, Dance troupes, spectacular floats and costumes, bands, DJ’s, sound systems, a friendly atmosphere and one of the best parties in the world.  On the whole Notting Hill Carnival Ltd want people to come away and be totally blown away by an organized and memorable celebration of life, culture and the arts.  Lets raise a glass to Carnival 2018!



Words   Celine Hispiche

Photo’s  Jeff Moh


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