Himalayas at Camden Assembly

School nights out in Camden Town are always the best especially when the Himalayas are headlining at The Camden Assembly.  The room rapidly filled up just before their set and it was good to see their London fans head straight to the front and wait in feverish anticipation.  So where did this vivacious and super cool band begin then?  The Himalayas formed in Cardiff in 2015 which quickly gained them a strong and respected presence in South Wales.  This was the major leap for them to gig and tour all over the UK.


Each one of these fine musicians bring a powerful element of uniqueness and super talent and this, I hasten to add, shows clearly throughout all of their songs.  Within minutes the whole audience were nodding to their energetic and fiery beats, strumming guitars and Intoxicating vocals.  Let’s introduce the band!  We have Joe Williams (vocals and rhythm guitar), Mike Griffiths (lead guitar and vocals), Louis Heaps (bass) and James Goulborn (drums).


My instant reaction was ‘bloody hell their hot’ and thinking how their clever combination of indie and garage beats really work in an original and unforgettable way.   They know how to get themselves and their audience right up to the top of a bursting and fiery upbeat mountain.  Songs that really shone out were ‘Thank God I’m Not You’, ‘Ecstasy’ and ‘Cheap Frills’.


They are filling their summer calendars rapidly with lots of live performances at some very prestigious events.  These include NambuccaPaloozer London July 21st, Manchester’s Bring It On Down August 9th, Looe Music Festival September 22nd and Cardiff’s Hoy Festival September 29th.  Tickets are  still available for all events and what a wonderful way to see the summer out by experiencing the wonders that are the Himalayas.


Words Celine Hispiche

Photos Jeff Moh

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