The Fabricators – Arch 20 Clapham Junction

I have always had an obsession with old train arches and tunnels.  I remember as a kid driving through Crucifix Lane in London Bridge with my dad in his classic Morris Minor and being fascinated by them.

I jumped at the chance when The Fabricators invited me over to a train arch in Clapham Junction to sit in on their rehearsal and have a chat with them.

We have James Matejka – guitarist, singer, song writer.  Mark Beckett – guitarist, singer, song writer.  Joseph Matejka – on bass and Marcus Aitken on drums. Aside from Marcus (the non Plymouthian) they are all from Plymouth.  James and Mark started writing together in 2015.  The whole band formed a year and a half ago.


James was the instigator in them moving to London.  He made the plunge first and the others followed suit.   In my eyes a good testimony of friendship wouldn’t you say?   They admit to being quite picky and feel they have found the right musicians amongst themselves to create the sound and style they want.  Like lots of bands they have been through their fair share of drummers and bass players. One particular bass player wouldn’t show up for their gigs because his girlfriend was always  ill – yeah right! Thank god Joe came along to save the day! They are adamant they are all going to stick around and make this work.  They get along really well and I was made to feel very comfortable as we cracked open our tins of beer.


Most of their gigs have been in London and they are quite open to admit some of their first gigs wern’t so great, some of them were mediocre and some of them were bloody brilliant.  We all agreed that even bad gigs can be a good experience as you can see and amend where you went wrong.  This allows the whole process of working together and becoming stronger and tighter as a band.

The Fabricators have found their own sound and their rehearsing and dedication on a weekly basis has vastly contributed to this creative input.  They tell me a lot of their songs are like an EP within themselves.  They like to ram in as much as they can and judging from what I heard they certainly can.  It felt like the whole train arch was bulging at the seams!  There whole sound is a natural amalgam of everything.  They don’t prethink or do anything on purpose it just naturally flows.

Both James and Mark like the freedom in their song writing and would consider themselves very spontaneous in their ideas.  Allowing to free flow produces great lyrics.  They  love words and phrases for inspiration and the more random the better.  They choose subject matters that lots of people can relate too. They all agreed that simplicity can produce the most powerful things in song writing.


They are currently signed to micro label ‘Ganbei Records’ and are locked away for the next couple of months creating and recording their magic for their new album.  They have just finished recording an EP.

And if that isn’t enough to tickle your fancies they have  just brought out a video for their track  ‘Gustav’ which is now available on Spotify and Apple Music.

You can catch The Fabricators at The Beer Festival at The Ivy House, Nunhead on May the 19th.  Rizer will be there and we are really looking forward to this one!

Thank you guys for the beers and the chin wag it was a real pleasure to hang out with you.


Words               Celine Hispiche

Photography    Jeff Moh





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