The Surrenders at The Dublin Castle

Oi Camden are you ready to rumble?  You better cos guess who’s in town? The Surrenders that’s right you heard me The Surrenders!!!

That was our chant when we headed down to the infamous Dublin Castle to check out this band fresh out of Dudley and I tell you what? We were not disappointed.  I caught them at the ‘This Feeling’ night at Nambuca a few weeks back and was dying to get an interview with them.  We nailed em down all right.  Kidnapped them and took them down an Alley for a “just off the stage” interview.  But before we find out more about these enigmatic gents lets talk about their amazing set!

The rock n roll pepper shaker was straight out of my pocket and it was sprinkling tiny elements of Jim Morrison, Robert Plant, and Lenny Kravitz but alas not enough to cover a fine lean steak called ‘The Surrenders’.  A meaty, full on sound that fires into your ears and leaves their fans in a frenzy and screaming for “Please sir can I have some more!”.


You want more? Oh yeah you’ll get it all right and do you know what?  They have plenty to dish out!  We were fed an array of fantastic songs.  Everyone was leaning towards the front and everyone wanted a piece of them.


So lets meet the fella’s that kicked it tonight. Lead Singer is Connor Brooks, Scott Flavel drums, Richard Jones guitar, James Williams bass  and Blake the (manager) glue – the man that holds it all together!

They are currently in the midst of their tour.  Heading off to Liverpool, Sheffield (sold out) Brighton before Paris and London April the 20th.  They’ve been playing together for eight years as friends (and football too) they started purely by jamming and wait for it…. The Surrenders naturally evolved.  They realised they were onto something serious and laughter aside they made the right decision.


They are currently recording singles that should be finished by the spring.  They want their work out before festival season so they can smash it with their new material.  They are aiming for an EP but they are in no rush and are enjoying the whole experience!  They are riding the wave and are currently unsigned.  They jokingly say they are keeping their heads under water before the sharks arrive!

As a band they live for the moment and naturally gel.  And how do they describe their music?  Freedom, madness, love and for people to just let go of their fears or what ever else is bothering them.  As a band it’s their job to make you feel good.  I love their poignant quote “Music is about Freedom”.

They love playing in London and we love them.  My prediction is it wont be long before you’ll be seeing The Surrenders on big bill boards. We left feeling charged and with the help of Jessica Appleby and a random punk continued into the night filled with freedom!


Words                  Celine Hispiche

Photography       Jeff Moh


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