The Wholls at Camden Assembly

Even on a cold and wet January night there was no stopping us dropping into the Camden Assembly to see three exceptional bands.

The journey seemed even more worthwhile when we we were quickly warmed up in a mass of body heat in one of Camden’s coolest venues. An acoustically perfect room that sets a great environment for any band to perform in.

Duke of Wolves is the perfect name for the first band that graced the stage and their hungry packs were waiting eagerly to hear every number.


Catchy, charismatic, dynamic and fun are the first words that spring into my mind. Their female bassist was totally on it as were the rest of this enthusiastic and rocking group. I love their style and most importantly their live performance was of the highest standard.

Wildfront are four major talents that can really bang out the tunes. There was a lovely rush of a distant Eagles sound. Free flowing and gently stirring, they pour everything into their powerful indie songs. A band I have highlighted to follow this year and a band that I would recommend to all of our Rizer readers to check out.


A beautiful purple haze hits the stage and bang we have The Wholls.  You are instantly hooked by their rocking talons as they storm the stage with major confidence and eagerness.  Each member of the band has the “I cant keep my eyes off of ya” factor.


Deep rocking and elevating rhythms sew the seed for a meaty sound that gets you moving immediately.  Vocals are exquisite as are every element to this appealing and  intoxicating band.  Every song has a rip-roaring effect that leaves us all overwhelmed.  They have a busy year ahead and what do you except when you really are that good!

Lastly I must give a big shout out to Jimmy Camden Assembly’s resident sound man. Cool, calm and on it. This man can make every band sound fantastic oh and he’s a lovely chap!



Words     Celine Hispiche

Photography    Jeff Moh

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