Shame at Rough Trade East and Fred Perry Sub Culture at The 100 Club

Catching Shame at Rough Trade East was worth every single moment! Radio 6 caught onto them not surprising really as this lot certainly know how to pack the punches!  Fast thumping there is no stopping them. Imagine a dash of Stranglers and Throbbing Gristle with a slight pinch of Joy Division the main ingredient of course being Shame, this musical post punk concoction will get you buzzing!


Lead singer Charlie Steen controls the roost with his no frills what you see is what you get attitude! Drummer Charlie Forbes is incredible as is Josh Finery  on bass and Eddie Green and Sean Coyle Smith on guitars.  They all conjor up revving and thrilling sounds with animalistic rhythms.  It’s a feast that you want to be part of. Great songs included “The Link”and “Tasteless”. They grab you by the scruff of the neck and interject with their own rugged diversity leaving you and the audience in total ecstasy.


It’s the kind of excitement where you imagine being on a joy ride with them and your all in the front seat. Ducking and diving, thrilling and dangerous.

100 Club Fred Perry Sub Culture 

Black Midi were the first band up and their intro was like a chopper landing onto the stage. Echo vocals morphing with live sampling added a different dimension and the musical chaos worked in a powerful way.  Hats off to the drummer who even when the drum did fall off he maintained his coolness and expertise.  The whole band are fearless in a quirky and experimental way.  I’m looking forward to watching their journey


Second band up were Sistertalk.  The young men in suits had landed on stage.  Their corporate dress made it work.  Along with their Polka dot female singer and feisty sax player they gave a good and unpredictable set which, on a night with a tough crowd, is pretty admirable.


And what a treat oh yes!  The brilliant Steve Lemaq giving us a phenomenal DJ set.  This man knows his stuff inside out!  Every tune he played was beyond superb.  From ATV, to The Shamen. This man wears the crown of equisite taste.


One foot on the stage and the crowd are in uproar that’s right complete and utter uproar!  Shame are straight in without a second to waste.  They exude super power energy and each of them throw in a gutsy performance.  I’m loving “Concrete”, “Last Rizla” and “Gold Hole” from their newly released album of the month, LP/CD “Songs of Praise”.  Oh yes tops are off and the body surfing has begun!


These boys are on their way up in a very fast way they have a huge following and it comes as no surprise they are about to embark on a World Tour including America, Australia and Europe with their London date being at The Electric Ballroom in April.


Blimey arn’t we lucky we got to see them in intimate spaces before they blast across the world.  These humble beings are the perfect example of what real music is about and you can see quite clearly all of their hard graft has paid off.


Oh and by the way you might want to grab one of the Rough Trade exclusive limited (only 700 copies)  “Songs of Praise” pink vinyl with download plus bonus CD.  Go on hurry up!

This band do not need star ratings – they are stars!


Words: Celine Hispiche

Images: Jeff Moh




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