This Feeling “Big in 2018” at Nambuca


This Feeling are gaining more power and are going from strength to strength as one of the most clever and spot on promoters on the music scene. What a great way to open the beginning of the year with an exciting and talented line up at Nambuca. Their diversity and choice in bands really worked well as each of them brought something eclectic and delicious to the plate.

Red Stripe know they are on to something by sponsoring such a vivacious and original showcase for on the cusp bands.

This night was unlike any other This Feeling Gig because you could smell the industry people in the crowd as well as more photographers fighting to get the best pics. The place was packed, the beer flowing and the audience were appreciative of each band. It comes as no surprise that already they are up and down the country platforming some of the best talent. Watch this space as I’m sure it wont be long before they have global stages!


Well done Mikey and his team!

Lucie Barat


The Surrenders


Calva Louise


Hey Charlie


Avalanche Party










Words Celine Hispiche

Photography Jeff Moh


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