The Buns “Dangerous” Album

The Buns “Dangerous”
Release Date: 11 January 2018
Label: Well Suspect Records


The Buns are a Parisian duo who began life playing ‘garage secretarial rock’ in the basement clubs in their home-town Paris, armored from the norm by pencil skirts, rouge paint and with hair tightly knotted in bouffant buns; they attracted a lot of attention, especially with fans of 50s and 60s vintage style and sound.

The band have unleashed their seminal brand of Garage Glam Rock on their debut album “Dangerous” recorded at Toerag Studios with Liam Watson. Opening track “Thrill Me Up” is a rocky melodic track set against a solid drum-beat and a plaintive guitar. “Bye Bye Cheri” is the standout track for me, with its clean, energetic guitar-riffs, and is a radio-friendly tune with its quick-fire, pure-sounding vocals reminiscent of the Ting Tings. “Stockholm” comes next, and is a gorgeous vocal led track set against a heavy rock-laden drum and provocative guitar-fretting. “Better Than Nothing” embodies searching and plaintive lyrics and vocals underpinned by choppy guitar riffs. “Over Me” is an earthy Garage Rock-track with the duo’s vocals harmonising perfectly at poignant points in the song. The accessible dirty guitar and the closing guitar-riffs reminiscent of the 60’s sound, mark this as a must-listen, radio-friendly track. “Spoiled Brat” is an anthemic track with quick-fire vocals to sketch the duos view of modern rich kids. “One More Shot” is another radio-friendly, 60’s melodic track, with ambient vocals and a steady guitar-driven beat, to keep this firmly in the Rock Garage genre.”My Love” fuses heavy 60’s guitar with a foot-stomping melody set against lilting and a high vocal range. “Hey Stranger” is another drum-heavy track, and the frenetic drum beat works perfectly with the direct, spoken-word vocals. “Learn How to Lie” makes full use of a Blues Rock guitar riff, which is a perfect fit for this track about love and relationships. “Bound” is another 60’s laden guitar riff, and the anthemic lyrics remain true to this Glam Rock sounding-track. Closing track “Captain” uses high energy vocals in this guitar driven track, cementing The Buns place at the forefront of Garage Glam Rock.

The Buns Website:


Writer   Siane Daley

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