Artbreak at The Monarch

This Feeling are frequently showcasing some fantastic bands at The Monarch in Camden Town and what a great job they do of it too! This venue is a perfect space that acoustically compliments every performer.

Lead singer Cole Salewicz is no stranger on the music scene! Oh and neither are his two guitarists Josh and Benjy Miles of SAVAGE NOMADS fame. Benjy and Josh explained to me their first musical steps were listening to Queen and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. They knew this was the driving force for both of them to learn to play guitar. Tom Williams knows how to firmly kick out the bass to the highest level and add vocals too. Harry Pike is new to their band but you wouldn’t think so as he has quickly made a stamp on their ground as a fierce and first class drummer.


Cole is a born performer and has always loved jumping around on stage. He has a strong presence and can entice the crowd very quickly with his distinctive and rocky voice. Benjy and Josh are naturals and their rhythms and vocals flow like fluid.

Early 2003 NME was a huge inspiration for Cole when bands like The Strokes, The Streets and The Libertines were making it big. And how lucky are they eh? Lucky to be blessed into discovering the turning point of diving straight into the exciting musical pool that is ARTBREAK.


Their music carries a high level of finesse and fills the whole room with an enigmatic blast! They all write and work together as a solid creative team feeding their machine. As they strongly point out it’s a group effort and their music writes the words. You can hear it in their crunchy layers that peak naturally within all of their songs.

You can see how far they have all come (I have seen them on several occasions) and how their music abilities have really matured and gained lots of power. I like their frankness about having to be patient in the music business and to keep applying your art.


Their 2018 calendar is bulging at the seams! Working recently with Tony Visconti on a track called Soda Can that will be released through Wall of Sound in February. They have signed a new management deal and they have lots of exciting things under their belts, some of which are extremely TOP SECRET! Either way I wish them every piece of success as they are a lovely bunch that deserve the best of the very best!


Words  Celine Hispiche

Images Jeff Moh


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