Space at The Garage

There are certain songs that throughout your life will suddenly pop into your head or you will hear it being played randomly on the radio or at a party.  As soon as it does come on, you get a sudden wave of tingles going all the way along your back.  Female of the Species for me is one of those very songs!  I love the introduction and how the music wiggles in an electronic and xylophonic way – you are already hooked!


Tommy Scott lead vocalist and guitarist has a voice of pure transcendent delight.  You can easily be transported back to the dance floor of the early 90’s to a psychedelic dreamland entwined within the hardcore indie scene.

It is great that this LIverpool band have reunited and their current members aside from Tommy include Franny Griffiths on BV’s, keyboards, synths, melodica and all sonic sounds, Phil Hartley on BV’s,  bass guitar, double bass,  Allen Jones on BV’s, drums, guitar and Paul Hemmings on guitar.


Space have their own distinctive sound that is fully respected on the indie scene and leave diehards like myself in full respect of their work.  Everybody loves the duet with Tommy Scott and Catatonia ‘The Ballad of Tom Jones’.


The garage is the perfect venue for Space, its big, the sound is big and they are big! In yer face proper crowd pleasing positive mayhem.  We got fantastic songs such Strange WorldBlow up Doll and Dangerous Day.  Steve Levine who’s past work includes Culture Club has been working with the band on an album called Give Me Your Future. This is due for release this year.


Going back stage with them was great fun and we were made to feel so welcome.  Thanks for the beers and vodka guys and most importantly thank you for a bloody brilliant night!!!!



Words by Celine Hispiche

Images by Jeff Moh





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