Moonlandingz at The 100 Club

It was only a few months ago that I was at Fred Perry’s Subculture event for the Fat White Family and low and behold I’m back again for another raging gig. Fred Perry is a fantastic collaboration with The 100 Club and they have continuously put on some unforgettable nights throughout 2017.

Not one but three DJ’s Terry Hall, Don Letts and Graeme Park. It is a no brainer that Terry Hall from the magnificent Specials was going to shake up the dance floor. His taste and knowledge of music shone threw his whole set. I wished he’d stayed on a bit longer!!!  Don Letts is forever a top tunes-man and has seen it all for several decades. He came straight in at the gizzards with some nitty gritty, get you grooving, shaking and moving ska/reggae mash ups!


Graeme Park Hacienda hero of dance music spilled the beats to the highest point.  This man is a guru of djing and has produced New OrderThe Brand New Heavies and lots of other high profile artists.


Opening and stirring this punk punch bowl was Cambridge based  power house Nervous Condition’s an eight piece bundle of madness and energy! The first major factor about this band is they cannot be pigeonholed.  Secondly they have their own meaty sound backed up by stomping drums, guitars, violin, Sax and keyboards that allow front man Connor Brown to levitate the whole experience.  Everybody’s ears pricked up!  We were all in an uproar with Village Mentality.


The main explosive ingredient for tonight’s shenanigans was Moonlandingz. All of their fans were swirling in a bowl of red stripe and crazy pogoing!  Sean Lennon has come on board to produce this avant garde selection of musical wildness and has been involved in the mix of Sweet Saturn Mine.


Like a rampant machine we were fed Man in my Lyfe and Black Hanz.  Every song was a powerful comet thrashing into us and leaving us all screaming for more.  No wonder BBC Radio 6 love em.  Moonlandingz are a hard core unique buzzing  band that I believe were dropped off by an alien ship to teach us a lesson!  Alienesque, space oddities,  they speak out politically and on subjects people are scared to talk about.  All of the band members conjour up a fierce presence and sound.  As my friend and fellow writer Mark Jeffries quite rightly pointed out “An electronic psyche Kraut rock Glitter band” (wowzer!).  Quite frankly they are  excitingly untouchable in their style and performance. Take me to your leader right now! I’m coming back with you lot!




Writer Celine Hispiche

Photography Jeff Moh

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