Thurston Moore Band at the 100 Club

The lengthy queue outside the 100 Club was a sure sign that this night was gonna be a goodun!   You could already feel the energy from the club climbing up the stairs and bursting out onto Oxford Street.

Fred Perry Sub Culture played host to yet another great evening and what an excellent treat to have Tim Burgess from the Charlatans spinning tunes to a vibrant and diverse crowd. Tim has a passion for finding unusual Vinyl and we were certainly given a taster of his finds in his set. He spoilt us rotten and everybody was digging it!


‘Sorry’ were the opening band and as soon as they began their set we were smacked in the face with talent. All of their songs were filled with indie gusto and impact my favourite being ‘Wished’.  There is a slight hint of the breeders but they have created an individual and unforgettable style. Definitely a band to watch out for as they are on the road to many exciting and wondrous things.


But nobody could wait much longer for Thurston Moore and yes you know him, the pinnacle genius behind Sonic Youth. Being at the forefront of the movement that were embracing emerging bands and getting newbies (at that time) Nirvana to support Sonic Youth on their tour. When listening to ‘Dirty Boots’ you can feel the Nirvana vibe gently flowing through.  Thurston  has always brought together and collaborated with brilliant artists. He is a fine package and when unwrapped reveals his fluid guitar playing and distinctive voice.


Every song is lashed out with conciseness and rock eloquence. ‘Aphrodite’ is a masterpiece and everyone listened with complete awe. His band are the magic wings that help elevate every musical dimension and leave us all gushing with appreciation. Thurston’s background of musical genius and the people he has worked with is a never ending list from Yoko Ono to Lydia LunchDJ SpookyDaniel Carter and that’s only a tiny taster.


Thurston is a timeless, forward thinking music maverick that will go on and on and continue to produce big and shining diamonds in all of his work.

Writer Celine Hispiche

Photography Jeff Moh


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