Bad Manners at The 100 Club

Picture a 10 year old kid with cropped hair, red pipelined jeans and ox blood loafers going into a record shop with her punk dad in 1980. Yes that was moi buying my first album ‘SKA ‘N’ B’ by Bad Manners.

Another sound that would ring through our house was the punk hedonists Splodgenessabounds.


First formed in 1978 in a cab office in Queens Road, Peckham, this band have nailed their music in British Punk history.

Max Splodge and his gang were on fine form as they kicked out all of their notable favourites ‘Two Little Boys’, ‘Return of the Saint’ and you got it ‘Two Pints of lager and a packet of crisps please’! Trust me, his die hard fans were at the front throwing pints of beer into the punk heavens (I’m sure I saw Sid and Nancy stretch down from the clouds and take a slurp).


You know as soon as Bad Manners come on the energy Richter scale’s scale has bounced off! Everyone is bobbing/bopping in a sweat fuelled sea of ultimate live two tone and ska music.  Buster Bloodvessel is the hot wire that can start up any live performance. With his infamous tongue and tough nut ska moves the kick ass songs we all love came flying out from his 13 piece band ‘Special Brew’, ‘Lorraine’, ‘Walking in the Sunshine’ and the one we all love ‘Lip Up Fatty’!


For one moment I was transported to my childhood and then in the next moment I realised they still have the clarity and youthful sound that can be appreciated by all ages today.


Harringtons, Fred Perry shirts with braces, high boot ox blood Dr Martin’s and shaved heads were the uniform for the night and everybody came out in full Punk/Ska regalia!

Oh and by the way we were all cheekily poking our tongues out to Buster and Splodge as they made our 100 CLUB Christmas show into a true Skasville party. Top salute for an excellent night.

Writer Celine Hispiche

Photography Jeff Moh

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