Alice Cooper at SSE Wembley Arena

The American iron man of rock n roll has gone and done it again.  A mind blowing show filled with pure glam rock and splendour.  Alice Cooper is the ring master of rock n roll theatre.  Wembley Arena was the perfect back drop and he and his band stormed it!


Yes he’s been around the block and some people might say isn’t it time for you to knock it on the head? Answer is simply NO!  This man will go on and on and don’t let anyone try and stop him.

This was my first Cooper Experience and I loved every second. Mixed with original and new band members, there were lots of musical extravaganza’s and hard core guitar which sent everyone into a sea of madness. Sexy solo’s from super talented guitarist Hurricane Nita was the cherry on the top of the shock rock icing!


The thing I love about Alice Cooper is that he has a good sense of humour and can laugh  at the music industry.  If there is anyone that has a worldly knowledge of how ruthless it can be he’s your man.  If you can turn the negative into positive that’s exactly what he does and if you can do that via your art your onto a winner.


We were given his merry-go-round of songs Brutal Planet, Poison, Dwight Fry and closing with Schools Out.  The grand finale was a huge explosion of air bursts, evil bubbles, balloons, streamers and feathers. So lets dance with snakes and dress in lepeoard print and black leather and raise a toast to the true legendary rock ‘n’ roller Alice Cooper!

Writer Celine Hispiche

Photography Jeff Moh





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