Blondie O2 Academy Brixton

Just the very name BLONDIE has everyone gushing and weak at the knees.  Her style and voice are timeless.  When I was kid I was always obsessed with Parallel Lines two tone album cover and wanted to be as cool as her as she flawlessly rocked her iconic look.

Sexy, strong and sensual Debbie Harry still takes full reign on stage as she delights us all with her Pollinator Tour. Her natural punkster rock capability as a top performer has her audience entranced immediately.  Blasting out her opening number One Way or Another and then smashing it with Hanging on the Telephone, Rapture and Maria.

DSC_6321 - Copy

Her current band are super talented and include the legendary Chris Stein on guitar, original drummer Clem Burke, Leigh Foxx on bass, Matt Katz-Bolan keyboards, piano and organ and Tommy Kessler on guitar.

We were so spoilt as she played all of her famous hits and had the whole of the Academy bursting at the seams.  Her NYC atttitude is still firing away as she flirtatiously enticed her loyal and devoted audience.

TDSC_5538 - Copy

Great songs from her new Pollinator Album included Fun, Gravity, Long Time and Too Much.  As we all undoubtedly know Blondie can sing anything and it will always be hers.  She has to be one of the most talented and diverse female performers I have had the pleasure of growing up with.  This is a night I will cherish for the rest of my life!



Writer Celine Hispiche

Photographer Jeff Moh


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