Beatsteaks at KOKO, London

Berlin is reknown for an edgy music scene and one of the top bands from this scene is Beatsteaks. Having supported The Sex Pistols on their reunion gig and touring all over the world this band is cutting edge. On arrival to this historical venue you could feel the anticipated excitement for the band to hurry up and come on. The place was heaving!


Lights up and onto the stage struts a charming and comical Arnim Teutoburg-WeiB. His stage presence sends the audience into a frenzy and every body is jumping up and down. Such a different persona to the humble man I’d been interviewing before the show. Rude rock star with cutting edge lyrics using different mic electro vox sounds to make him stand out, shine and light up every inch of KOKO!


His band members add the other essential strength to levitate their sound. And you can hear their strong influences of punk, hip-hop and underground music. Arnim also plays rhythm guitar along with Bernd Kurtzke lead guitar and vocals, Peter Baumann rhythm guitar, lead guitar, vocals and keyboard, Thomas Gotz drums, percussion and vocals and Torsten Scholz on drums.


Beatsteaks message is there are no walls or segregation. Arnim was living in East Berlin when the wall came down and this made a huge influential impact to their style and attitude. Their new album ‘YOURS’ with their new featured single ‘HATE TO LOVE’ is out now and it’s superb!


It’s lovely to hear them tell me London is one of their favourite cities to perform in and I tell you what we are happy to have you here thank you for a wonderful gig and hurry back!

Writer Celine Hispiche

Photography Jeff Moh



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