Jonny Woo never fails to woo his audience.  I have seen this excellent performer go from strength to strength and I was blown away by his new work.  Aside from a great singing voice he has mastered the fine art of comic delivery and tongue in cheek.

The Hackney Empire was the perfect backdrop for his new show and we were all spoilt with a fantastic guest line up.  It was a true explosion of alternative and original talent.


The un-royal family in the un-royal box added to this camp extravaganza! Ma Butcher couldn’t resist a Queenie wave.

Lavinia Co-op opened the evening with a glittering performance she captivated the audience and left us wanting more.  The colourful dancers were sensational and hats off to the choreographer!

Diane Chorley aka the Duchess of Canvey Island was a scream I loved her afro dancers and the cheesy guitarist.  Their rendition of ‘Rhythm of Life’ was hilarious and I can still hear Mystic Meg porn writer. ‘Dont give your love away’ Jonny joins in wearing a hot red wig and legs to die for.


Frank Lavender is a legend I didn’t want him to leave the stage!  This refined act had me in stitches. Hats off to you sir!

Leah Shelton performs a brilliant burlesque routine from a suitcase she is slick and a natural comic.

Jayde Adams is a star! She never fails to be the genius comedienne that she is.  She keeps rising and rising to the top. Her style and routine tickled everybody.



Peter and Bambie Heaven are hilarious.  This comic magic act was a knockout and had me belly laughing.

The whole night was a magic box of brilliant acts Freida Slave, Lucy McCormick featuring Ted Rogers and Lennie, Kate Middleton Choir, Nostalgia of Mothership, the legendary Myra Dubois,  MEPHKTEARZ, the phenomenal La Gateau Chocolate, Mawaan Rizwan, Nabhaan Rizwan and Christeene.  Everybody oozed talent and originality.


Jonny has a natural ability in putting together a brilliant line-up. His shows are always diverse and on the edge.  I love his work and he deserves the very best.  I am and will always be a huge fan! Congratulations dwarlink!

Review by Celine Hispiche

Photographs by Holly Revell





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